Holy Hot tamale!  The themometer read 108, I was freakin out!  I held it in beacuse the last thing a bride needs is my anxiety mixed with hers!  What a doll she was though.  She sat camly as the sun reached it's scorching point.  I am so proud when a bride takes a lot of their wedding on their own.  It shows a lot of spunk to do the fine details yourself.  Truley her marriage will last.  Her fiance hopped around all day doing errands and setting things up, all the while making lite of the heat and making everyone laugh!  he even went out for lunch.  My bride looked beautiful, she chose fingerwaves with a soft curl at the bottom, and suttle makeup but big eyes for glamour!  She looked like the girl form "The Artist".  Her dres was a beautiful with a vintage flair.