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What a great website, I have already found a lot of services for my family.

Listing my services were very simple as well.  I look forward to working with yet anoher good networking website.

whatever you need try Thumbtack first, it is very simple to search for all you local service needs.

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New wedding vendor website

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Brides that warm my heart

Holiday Inn Harrisburg!  Lovely place!  I have met a lot of wedding coordinators and she was so attentive, the bride boasted about her.  We had a large room to get ready in with big tables plenty of light and outlets!  Love when it turns out that way, I had room to breath and create my masterpieces:)  My assistant and I did hair while another MUA was brought in (also a lovely girl) she woks at the Clinique counter.  We were all able to work swiftly and efficiently to get the job done.  There is always a highlight to my day with weddings.  I love people and their story's and to see how different family dynamics work.   The love was so thick in this room you can almost touch it:)  My bride was the sweetest with such good energy surrounding her, as I did her hair..... talks of Grammys and Aunties arriving and the tears start to spill.  It was fine, no makeup on yet!  It was a special moment to see how Family can make those days so special!!

Here's to Grammy's and Aunties!

I had the best grandmother but unfortunately no Aunts, that's ok my grandmother made up for it..... I was very lucky to have her!


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I have been blessed with a new assistant! Her name is Kristina and I adore her! She will be partnering up with me for weddings so we can accommodate larger parties She was kind enough to right a bio for me to spread the word......Hello wonderful people! My name is Kristina and I am going to be Melissa's new assistant! I am very excited to work with a lovely and talented person and very blessed to be doing what I love. Hmm, a little about me... well, I married my high school sweetheart (and I'm still crazy about him) so that's maybe one romantic reason why I love weddings. Long story short: Hubby and I moved all around the country, had three beautiful daughters, made many friends and had many, many adventures. At some point we were semi-settled and I decided to go back to school. Hubby encouraged me instead to make a career out of doing hair and makeup since I was already using all my friends as beauty guinea pigs. Amazingly, I actually took his insightful advice and worked evenings towards my cosmetology license. Before moving to the Lancaster area, I worked in a great salon in State College and learned so much from talented artists. I've taken lots of classes and gone to hair shows and I have loved every minute of it! I now have a perfectly valid excuse for being a hair product and make-up addict! But seriously, what I really love is connecting with the person in the chair and being a part of allowing them to shine. I've worked on bunches of weddings, proms and a few performers, each one being special and unique. I'm looking forward to learning more from Melissa and meeting many more fabulous people!

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HOT 7-7

Holy Hot tamale!  The themometer read 108, I was freakin out!  I held it in beacuse the last thing a bride needs is my anxiety mixed with hers!  What a doll she was though.  She sat camly as the sun reached it's scorching point.  I am so proud when a bride takes a lot of their wedding on their own.  It shows a lot of spunk to do the fine details yourself.  Truley her marriage will last.  Her fiance hopped around all day doing errands and setting things up, all the while making lite of the heat and making everyone laugh!  he even went out for lunch.  My bride looked beautiful, she chose fingerwaves with a soft curl at the bottom, and suttle makeup but big eyes for glamour!  She looked like the girl form "The Artist".  Her dres was a beautiful with a vintage flair.


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Cameron Estates

Wow!  Friday was just a beautiful day, just perfect weather!  Sunny and 75.  Wedding prep was in the bridal suite at Cameron Estates in Mt Joy.  It was breath taking!  Unfortunately I never get to see the ceremony beacuse my part is done by then, but I can just imagine how stunning it had to be.  Andrea nd her family were sweet and not stressed at all!  I think thats beacuse Andrea had everything planned so well and also the wedding planner helps a lot.  We were in the carriage house at the Estates and the reception site was right there in the same buiding as the the bridal suite so very convenient.

Can't wait to see photos!

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funeral home


Well yesterday I had the pleasure of working for the first time doing makeup in a funeral home!!! haha No........ not on dead people!  Not that I wouldn't be willing to do it, i think.  My bride was marrying the son of a funeral home owner.  What better place to let people get ready, it was big with lots of space to work in, I had access to a huge table to work at and spread out  all my makeup. I am used to working in such small areas this was nice!  Believe me.....I spread out, and I was utilizing my area to the fullest ecxtent.  I was completely comfortable being there, until someone said "yeah the dead peopl are down stairs in the morge"  I said to myself oh boy, now I have that picture in my head of another makeup artist downstairs working doing the same thing as me except those clients aren't giggling for joy with the excitment of the day to come.

Mr Bride Annie was glowing, she is truley one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  I've known her mother June for a long time now and she is really one of my most favorite people.  Congrats to Annie!

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A dear bride of mine was kind enougth to share her wedding video with me:)

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Melissa McHugh publishes new website

Welcome to Melissa McHugh's official website. Here you will find all things from the world of Melissa McHugh.
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