Holiday Inn Harrisburg!  Lovely place!  I have met a lot of wedding coordinators and she was so attentive, the bride boasted about her.  We had a large room to get ready in with big tables plenty of light and outlets!  Love when it turns out that way, I had room to breath and create my masterpieces:)  My assistant and I did hair while another MUA was brought in (also a lovely girl) she woks at the Clinique counter.  We were all able to work swiftly and efficiently to get the job done.  There is always a highlight to my day with weddings.  I love people and their story's and to see how different family dynamics work.   The love was so thick in this room you can almost touch it:)  My bride was the sweetest with such good energy surrounding her, as I did her hair..... talks of Grammys and Aunties arriving and the tears start to spill.  It was fine, no makeup on yet!  It was a special moment to see how Family can make those days so special!!

Here's to Grammy's and Aunties!

I had the best grandmother but unfortunately no Aunts, that's ok my grandmother made up for it..... I was very lucky to have her!